Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Painting Buddy

I spent the past couple of days painting the room over our garage. I'm also watching Jake this week, so I thought it would be extra challenging to get the project done.

To my surprise, the dogs were very docile while I painted. I guess they figured I was busy and couldn't pay any attention to them. They mostly watched.

Jake didn't like it when I used the Swiffer duster to dust the tops of the doors and Riley didn't like it when I climbed up and down the ladder.

I thought I'd post this photo because one of my picture challenges from Daniel is to take a photo in which I "frame" the subject. I thought this one qualified.


  1. Awww Riley is so cute! What color are you painting the guest room?

    1. It's the green color around the borders of the room you can see in the picture.