Monday, March 7, 2016

My Babies

All three of my children were born at Hillcrest Hospital and delivered by Dr. Izanec who is now retired.

Here's what I remember about each delivery:

Katherine was born on her due date. Unfortunately, this was not a sign that she would be prompt the rest of her life. It was the first snow of the year, so the ride to the hospital was very pretty.  Labor lasted 8 hours, and she arrived around 3:30 p.m. I decided not to get an epidural for pain, so it was painful. I didn't even know how to change a diaper at that point, so I was a little nervous. She taught me everything I know about taking care of babies.

Daniel was born two weeks late. That wasn't very nice of him. But if he had come early, Dr. Izanec would not have been there, so I thank him for that. My labor with him lasted three hours. I still didn't get an epidural for pain, so it was painful again. Then 30 seconds after Daniel arrived, he had to go to the bathroom really badly. He couldn't hold it until the nurse got his diaper on. But he was so cute she forgave him.

Peter was born three days late. He must have heard the doctor was going to induce him that morning because he beat him to the punch and broke my water. By this time I learned to ask for an epidural for pain, so this labor wasn't as painful. Peter was a very large baby (good thing I got that epidural). I swear I didn't eat any more with him than with the other two. But he came out without trouble after about 8 hours. He stood out in the hospital nursery. No one was going to mess with my little heavy weight fighter.

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