Monday, March 28, 2016

Steamed Eggs

I have a great technique for boiling eggs (thanks to Carolyn). It works great most of the time. But even Carolyn told me not to use fresh from the grocery store eggs. Well, what about fresh from a chicken eggs? If you want to get really fresh eggs and hard boil them, what do you do?

I saw a link on Facebook this morning that looks like it might be a winner. Instead of boiling the eggs, you steam them. I have not tried this yet, but I will the next time I bring eggs home from the farmer's market or even the grocery store.

Check it out at The Prairie Farmstead website.


  1. I agree steamed eggs are the best!! I have an awesome little egg steamer. It is my favorite small appliance. It is small & inexpensive. Check it out at this link

    1. Hi Jeanette - I think it is awesome that you still read my blog! Thanks for the tip on the eggs and the link too.