Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Bear in the House

The first several years we had young children, we went camping in the summers for vacation. At night, Don would tie our trash bag high in a tree so the bears wouldn't get into it. Now we have to tie our trash bags up high so Riley doesn't get into them.

We've grown accustomed to Riley's foraging instincts so we no longer leave food within his reach. But the thing we haven't been able to figure out is how to keep him out of our bathroom trash cans. There is never any food in those trash cans, but Riley seems to be attracted to balled up tissue when we leave him home alone. He will shred it all and leave a trail from the bathroom into the hall.

I solved the issue in the main floor bathroom by buying one of those trash cans with a pedal you have to step on to open it. Don refuses to do that in all the bathrooms. He doesn't like those kind of cans.

So now I empty the trash cans daily before I leave the house, and hang the garbage bag from a high hook on my closet door.

We can't train Riley to stop this behavior because he only does it when we are gone. I know, I know...he's trained me once again.


  1. Hmmmm...why don't you just close all the bathroom doors before you leave the house?

  2. That was my thought too Daniel :-) .... never mind~

  3. When Riley visits our house we've learned to close every possible door before we depart. And some cupboard doors that are intriguing to Riley are tied shut with rubber bands, just in case. This has worked well for us. :)