Friday, August 9, 2013

David Jay Richards

Don's brother, Dave, passed away this week. He bravely battled cancer during the past year. We will miss his smile, his warm personality and his leadership in the family.

Dave was the first born son, and he took the lead in caring for his parents as they grew older. He was particularly devoted to his mom, calling her every night on his way home from work to check on her.

He was the oldest of four boys, and his brothers looked up to him and loved him very much.

Dave was a loving father to his daughter, Holly. He adored his grandchildren Carly and Ryan, and we are all sad he was not able to meet Holly's infant son,Will, who was born in June.

Dave was a very successful lawyer who was well loved in the community. One of his partners said that, "Dave was an integral member of our firm; a steady hand that we counted on for wisdom and competence for many, many years."

Dave was a loving and faithful husband to Pam. He was kind and caring and fun to be around. He loved eating the dinners that Pam prepared for him each night, and in recent years enjoyed cooking for her each Sunday. They especially enjoyed bike riding together, taking many vacations biking through back roads and villages around the world.

We will all miss Dave very, very much.


  1. Thanks for sharing Marianne~ thinking of you as you and your family as you grieve your loss~

  2. We met Pam & Dave, in 2008, while we were on a bike trip to Tuscany. We shared many good times with them on an additional bike trip in Quebec and in NYC when they came in.
    We both shared a passion for biking and travel and we exchanged music, movies and photographs from New Jersey to Ohio and back again.

    We know that Dave was fortunate to have Pam as a caregiver during his illness. That is truly a gift that one person can give to another.

    Rhonda & Bruce