Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We Won Something!!

What are the chances that we would win a grand prize in the Snapple Win Nothing Instantly contest? How about 1 in 143,971.

Peter likes Diet Raspberry Snapple, and I pick up a six pack once in awhile for him at the grocery store. He always reads the interesting facts under the lid, so when he saw the words "You Won No Bills" he was surprised.

He immediately went to the Snapple website and found out he had won one of the Grand Prizes: $500 toward bills. What this really means is $500 in gift cards of some sort. I don't think they give out cash.

We were pretty excited! Peter felt like it was his lucky day. He wanted to go out and buy a Lottery ticket. In fact, he might have. I don't know because he left the house and hasn't come back home yet.

Check out the Snapple website. Maybe you can be a winner too!