Tuesday, July 23, 2013


These are Peter's shoes. At home he wears them for work and at school he wears them in the shower. As you can see, they have not been in the shower for quite some time. They got all dusty yesterday when he was shoveling gravel.

Yes, these are size 11 shoes that belong to a 19 year old, and they are decorated with Spongebob, Smurf and Mario Jibbitz. Why not? That's Peter.

A little history on Jibbitz for those who don't know much about them, including me until about five minutes ago.

Jibbitz were created in 2005 by Rich and Sheri Schmelzer of Boulder, Colorado. They designed the cute little buttons to adorn their family's Crocs. Jibbitz became so popular, Crocs bought the company from the Schmelzers a year later for $20 million. I'd say they had a great idea. To see all the Jibbitz available, go to the Crocs website.

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