Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stuff I Like

It's time for another edition of Stuff I Like! Here goes:

Salt and Pepper containers from World Market. I love that they are big, and I love that they have two openings: one for sprinkling and one for spooning. Brilliant! These can be used for any spices you like.

Betta Food Feeders. We don't have to find a fish-sitter when we go away for a few days or a week. Just plop one of these slow release feeders in the bowl and the Betta can live for a week. We've done it twice, and Henry is still alive. I must say, though, that he went into a coma when we left him in March. We thought he was dead. I am pretty sure it wasn't the Betta Feeder, but it was the temperature in the house. It got down to the low 60's and his glass bowl is sitting on a granite counter. Poor guy almost froze to death.

Best Bully Sticks.  It's the only treat I've found that will keep Riley chewing for more than 20 minutes. 

XL Ziploc Flexible Totes. These storage totes are very sturdy and  just the right shape and size. They are great for storing out of season clothes and blankets. 

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