Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Senior Thesis Party

One of my volunteer jobs during this school year was helping teach and grade the Senior Thesis papers with my friend Crystal.

It was wonderful to go from concept to outline to first draft, second draft and now final paper with these 22 students. They were so much fun, and so willing to learn, it made teaching a pleasure. They were also very thankful for my help, and they cheered me on during my shoulder surgery and recovery.

Today was final turn in day, and as a tradition, Crystal has a party for them. She provides the chocolate and a chocolate fountain, and the students each bring in something to dip. There were bananas, marshmallows, ice cream cones, Oreos, strawberries, pretzels and animal crackers. The kids were out of their minds with the spread.

Then Crystal put on some music, the shoes came off, and they danced to the Hokey Pokey, YMCA, Monster Mash and Limbo. The boys really got into it. They not only danced, but they built two human pyramids. I missed those shots, but here are a couple of them dancing. Do you think they were happy to be finished?

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