Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grand Canyon Rafting

For years and years, Don has wanted to go on a rafting trip on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. He tried to talk me into it many times, and I politely refused. I told him it was not my kind of vacation.
Even though the scenery would be breathtaking, I didn't like the description of the "facilities".

So last week, he and the kids went without me. I had a nice stay-cation at home. I had the added excuse that my shoulder wasn't strong enough for this type of adventure.

Daniel took his camera and was the official photographer of the trip. He took some amazing pictures, which wasn't easy since they were surrounded by water and sand all week. In the above picture, you can see the baby blue color of the "Little Colorado" river which flowed into the Colorado River they were rafting on.

This is the Colorado River flowing up onto one of the sandy beaches they camped on each night. It was a week of being "unplugged" from electronics and becoming one with nature. There wasn't even cell phone service. The river guides had a satellite radio in case of a dire emergency, and even then, it would take a minimum of  four hours for a helicopter to reach them.

They traveled over 300 miles on the river. Each day, they would stop for at least one hike. Many times they hiked to waterfalls like this one.

One hike led them to a cave-like area where Daniel took this silhouette photo of the group. Their group had two large rafts holding about 14 people each.

This would make a great family photo for our Christmas card this year. Daniel just has to Photoshop me in on the end.

This is the real reason I didn't go on the trip. The "Groover", or toilet, was set up each evening and taken down each morning. It was usually hidden discretely behind a rock formation facing the river. If another rafting group happened to float by, you would just have to grin and wave! And what if you needed to go during the middle of the day? It was the 50 degree river or bust.

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