Thursday, May 2, 2013

Does Riley Love Me?

He follows me everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE! He watches my every move. If I raise my eyebrows, he thinks I'm up to something, and he comes running with expectation.

Riley's actions have led me to believe that he absolutely adores me.

I thought this until I read an article in the Chicago Tribune called, "Your dog does not love you and other cold-nosed truths."


Eric Zorn, author of the article, researched this topic and provided evidence that dogs don't love.

Jon Katz, a dog expert, says, "Dogs develop very strong, instinctive attachments to the people who feed and care for them." And, "they've learned to trick us into thinking that they love us."

All that snuggling, those sad eyes, his sweet expressions and his wagging tail are just "opportunistic, manipulative behaviors."

Riley a con artist?

Mr. Katz says that, "They'll respond to anyone who gives them food or attention." And, "Dogs don't miss you when you go away."

This truly breaks my heart.

I don't believe it!

Even if Riley doesn't love me, I still love him.


  1. I don't like Mr. Katz. I'm positive that Riley loves you!

  2. Riley totally misses you and the rest of the family when you go away. He is always so excited when you guys come back from your trips! Mr. Katz is full of it.

    1. Thanks Laura, that makes me feel much better :)

  3. This is absolute poppycock! No one could ever take your place in Riley's heart. I wonder if Mr. Katz has ever owned a dog!?