Sunday, May 12, 2013

Congratulations, Daniel!

Saturday was a big day for Daniel and the 2013 class of Miami University. Here he wears sunglasses, but the sun was not out that day. It was unseasonably cool, and the ceremony was outside in the football stadium, and most people did not come prepared.

The guys from his house on High Street (The Bear Cave) assembled on the front porch before heading to the stadium.

I snapped random pictures of the students filing into the stadium hoping I would get Daniel, and I did! He is the second to last one in the far row.

It was a sea of red, and we did not know where our boy was. We knew he was in there somewhere.

3,300 students graduated this weekend.

We are so proud of Daniel's accomplishments.

We were fortunate to meet up with him after the ceremony.

Katherine looked cute in her dress, but her legs were pretty cold!

Here are the guys back at the house relaxing. They hosted a cookout for their families in the backyard.


  1. Can you tell us the meaning of Daniel's various cords and the white sash?

    1. The sash is just decorative. One set of cords if for graduating cum laude, and the other set is for the honorary fraternity Beta Alpha Psi.

  2. Any why is his tassel blue? It was so much less complicated when I graduated from Miami! Black robes and red tassels. That was about it!

    1. The blue tassel is for the Farmer School of Business.

  3. Congrats to Daniel! Bethany and her fiance graduated on the same day. How can that be possible?? I remember when they started kindergarten.