Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Things Kids Say and Do

I wish I had written down more funny stories of things my kids said and did. Here are a few I came across recently while cleaning out my files: 

The following conversation took place when Katherine was 6, Daniel was 4 and Peter was 3 months old:

Daniel: I want to marry Peter if he becomes a girl.
Mom: Peter is a boy, and he will not become a girl.
Daniel: I can use my imagination.
Daniel: How do you use your imagination, anyway?
Katherine: I'm going to marry Peter if he stays as cute as he is right now.
Mom: That's against the law.
Katherine: I don't care if it's against the law. I'm going to marry him anyway. 

Mom: You're just going to have to be patient.
Katherine: Then I'll go get my doctor kit.

Daniel: Mom, I'm going to tell you something and I'm going to tell Katherine something.
Daniel: Mom, you forgot to make my Captain Hook belt.
Daniel: Katherine, mom forgot to make my belt.

When Daniel was four, he cut a hole in his red turtleneck shirt. The first time he put the shirt on after that, he looked down at the hole and said, "I don't like red shirts anyway."

When Daniel was five, he gave me a birthday present, all wrapped up. He said the wrapping made it look like bird. He pointed out that the bow was my favorite color: red. Then, before I opened it, he said, "well mom, I don't have any girl things, so it's a boy thing." I told him that was OK. Then I opened it. He gave me two Aladdin genie action figures. He said, "it's OK because I don't play with them any more."

When Daniel was six, he was practicing his Superman jump from the coffee table when he had a great idea. He got the big orange ball and placed it in front of the coffee table. He figured if he jumped on top of that, he would spring even higher. Needless to say, the ball rolled, and he missed hitting his head on the table by a fraction of an inch. It knocked him silly. I told him he probably rattled his brain and warned him never to do that again!

A spoonful of bumblebee, anyone?

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