Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Once every ten years, Don needs to replace his shoes. He has several styles, and fortunately they don't wear out at the same time.

I always think I won't be able to find the same shoe since it has been ten years, but lo and behold, they are always available.

Men must shop this way, and retailers know it. How can they have the same shoe for thirty years?

Not Available

On the other hand, I wanted another pair of the flats I bought last year at this time, and I searched high and low for the same shoe. They don't make that style any more. This is the way it always is with my shoes.

Lesson learned. If I really like a shoe, I need to buy several pair within two months or they will be gone.


  1. Also, notice how men's shoes last ten years and women's only last one? Conspiracy!

  2. Same with lipstick... you find a color you really like and then it's GONE....