Monday, April 22, 2013

Check This Out

I've gotten bookmark happy. There are so many bookmarks in my Google Chrome browser that I've lost track of everything. Today I went searching through them to clean house. There are a few I'd like to share: is a photography blog by Tracy Benjamin, but she also shares recipes and other things on her blog. I particularly like her Friday posts which are called I Love Lists . There is a wealth of information on these lists. That's why my Google Chrome bookmarks are overflowing.

Chris Carr wrote several books after battling cancer. She completely changed her diet, and is now in remission. Crazy Sexy Diet, Crazy Sexy Kitchen and Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips are her three books, and here is her Crazy Sexy website.

Daniel told me about this website, The Art of Manliness. He said there is a lot of good manly information on it. It's also interesting for mothers of manly men to read.

Want to send a big cookie to someone? Here is the website for Mrs. Fields 12-inch Cookie Cake.

If you have trouble knowing which colors go together, this website has many, many color palettes to choose from. Never go wrong decorating again. Design Seeds. 

It's about to be grilling season, and what could be easier than making foil packets for the grill. No mess to clean up. Here are 50 Things to Grill in Foil from Food Network.

I always have my phone with me, but not always my camera. So I wanted to learn how to take better iPhone photos. The Grumbles & Grunts website has a nice post on Taking Better Pictures with Your iPhone.

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