Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shoulder Update

It will be one month tomorrow since my shoulder surgery. Progress has been slow, which I knew it would be, but progress is progress.

Week One: Give me my pain pills. I didn't care about anything but Percocet, Vicodin  and ice. I just had to get through it.

Week Two: Physical Therapy Begins. Just when I thought it was safe to stop being a drug addict, they had to go and move my arm. It was so cozy there by my side. It didn't want to move. It screamed: STOP!!

Week Three: More Physical Therapy. Don now has an honorary degree as a physical therapist. He knows just how to torture me. He lifts my arm up, out and sideways three times a day whether I want him to or not. He acts like he has a vested interest in my progress.

Week Four: Even More Physical Therapy. Don continues to torture me two times a day, and I torture myself two times a day with some passive stretches. My real physical therapist, Rose, says I'm making great progress. They can get my arm up to 138 degrees. Only 42 more degrees to go!

I'm coping with the pain that brings progress. I'm coping with not lifting my right arm. I'm coping with being cooped up at home. But I still dread the night time. I can't sleep in any position except sitting straight up. It's been a very long plane ride. Many tears have fallen from these eyes. I will never take the prone position for granted again.

That's where I am at. One more week until I see my surgeon, who will test me to see if I am healed enough to lift my own arm. That will mean more pain, I am sure. It will also mean I can drive!! Look out people.

Can I recommend to you one thing: Take care of your shoulders. Keep them strong and flexible. You do not want to have rotator cuff surgery!

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