Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Give Up

I've been fighting the recliner for four weeks. I just don't want to sleep there.

But after trying every possible contortion in bed trying to get comfortable enough to sleep, I officially give up.

From this point on, the recliner will be my friend. I will embrace it each night when it is time to go to sleep (like right now..which I am avoiding).

That's me in my recliner. Over there to the left.

Don is so sweet. Every night, he tucks me in. First he makes sure I have fresh ice in the ice machine. Then he pushes me back halfway in the recliner. He tops me with a warm blanket, puts my eye shades on, and shoves the neck pillow under my chin. Then he kisses me good night and heads up to our nice king size bed for a good night's sleep. Bless him. Oh, and he always tells me to wake him up if I need him.

He did sleep on the couch the first two weeks of my recovery, and I insisted he sleep in bed after that, so I'm not complaining at all about the bed. I'm just jealous.

Night night.

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