Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bocce Ball

We went to Vanderbilt Beach in Naples, FL yesterday. It was very, very crowded.

We had to park our chairs and plant our umbrella at the back side of the beach. We were right up against a group of old Italian men playing Bocce Ball.

It was pretty entertaining. We watched a whole game. There were six old men playing the first game, then another old guy showed up. It made for an odd number of old men.

Vito, the leader of the group, looked over at Don and said, "You want to play?" Don said, "No,no" in his best fake Italian accent. I chimed in, "Yes!" Vito said, "Please...we need another guy."

So Don got up out of his comfortable beach chair and joined the seven old guys for a game of Bocce Ball. What a good sport.

Peter, his friend Daniel, Katherine and I sat there trying not to die laughing. It was the funniest scene.

Vito and friends were pretty serious about their game, so Don had to put his game face on too.

If you're wondering which one is Don...he's the only one with his shirt on.

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