Monday, February 4, 2013

Starbella Knitting

My sweet girlfriends and I got together for dinner at 3 Palms restaurant in downtown Hudson tonight. We were missing our friend Karen who couldn't make it. The wood-fired pizza was excellent. We met at 3 Palms because it is located right next to the beautiful Hudson Library and Historical Society.

After dinner, we went to the library and got a little conference room. Our intent was to learn to knit Starbella scarves. Nancy showed up with one around her neck at our December gathering, and she promised to show us how to do it.

The librarians were a little nervous letting us have a room because Nancy asked if it was sound-proof. The librarian said she would knock on the glass if we got too out of control.

We weren't there two minutes before Nancy and Celeste started acting up.

Now where do these needles go? In the ears?

Above the head?

In the head?

Oh, that's more like it!

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