Monday, February 25, 2013

My Life as a Librarian

I was cruising through old pictures on my computer and I came across a folder called "VCA Scrapbook." These pictures were from my last year working as a school librarian.

One of the things I loved to do was read aloud to the  kids. Mostly they would be captivated by the story and behave while I was reading, but once in awhile there were students who couldn't sit still.

As an incentive for paying attention to the story, each week I'd choose a different student who behaved well to choose a puzzle piece from a hat and glue it to the wall. The puzzle would come together piece by piece, and the kids loved to guess what the picture would be when it was completed.

Shelving all the books that came back was a time-consuming task, so each year I would hire older students to come in at lunch one day a week to shelve books.  They loved to do it - especially when it was cold outside - and I paid them in books from the book fair.

Contrary to popular belief, boys like the library just as much as girls.

A highlight in the fall was the annual book fair. It was a crazy, crazy two weeks of setting up, selling and tearing down. Fortunately, I always had plenty of parent volunteers for this event.

The library mascot was Chester the mouse. A sweet little 5th grader loved that mouse. She grabbed him up every time she came to the library, so when I left, Chester went to Caleigh for safe-keeping.


  1. I sure miss those days! You were a fantastic librarian. The kids all loved you so much!