Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Left Arm

Before I had my shoulder surgery, I practiced doing everything with just my left arm. I wanted to find out if I would run into any difficulties and be prepared. My doctor made sure I knew I wasn't going to be able lift my right arm for 5-6 weeks.

I found out quickly that brushing my teeth was going to be a problem, so I picked up a cheap electric toothbrush at Wal-Mart.

Getting dressed was also going to be a problem without some zip front and button front shirts. I picked up a couple of those. Pull on pants are much easier to handle than those with zippers and snaps. Slip on shoes would be a must unless I wanted to ask Don to tie my shoes.

One thing that was surprisingly difficult was drying off after a shower. A regular size towel was too heavy to used one-handed, so I decided to get some hand towels in place. Those turned out to be too slow at doing the job, so I remembered my terrycloth bathrobe. I just put that on and let it dry me while I'm taking care of other things.

I have a feeling my left arm is going to be really strong in six weeks and my right arm is going to be mush.

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