Monday, January 14, 2013

What Did You Eat Today?

I hate counting calories. I refuse to do it. But I do believe in paying attention to what goes into my mouth.

Starting today, and for however long it takes to get me to eat less, I am going to record on a piece of paper every morsel that enters my body.

To top it off, I am going to hand my eating log to a friend every Monday. No cheating allowed.

You wouldn't believe what this does to me. Where I would once (yesterday, in fact) have willy-nilly chomped on whatever floated my boat, I have to stop and think: do I want to write this down? do I want my friend to know I ate this?

It stopped me more than once today. Unfortunately, it didn't stop me a couple of other times. I'm hoping to improve.

Food awareness is eye opening. I challenge you to try it for just one day.

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