Monday, January 21, 2013


After our Monday morning walk, Becky invited me in for tea. We were discussing getting in shape, and she told me about her newest method of exercise: The Player Piano.

She inherited a player piano many years ago, along with a couple hundred music rolls, and they the focal point in her front room. She decided to go through the music rolls one by one to determine if they were in good condition and in working order. She described for me the effort it takes to play this piano. It doesn't just play by itself as I had always thought. She guaranteed me it was a workout.

I didn't believe her, so she took me into the Living Room and demonstrated. She took off her socks, popped in a music roll, and started pumping up the bellows by moving her feet a mile a minute. Once she got the rhythm going, the song began to play. I was instantly transported to the era of Ragtime music. I watched as Becky burned 500 calories.

Of course I wanted to try. I took off my socks, got rid of my fleece layer, selected the music roll titled "The Sting" and got to peddling. My thighs began burning before the end of the first stanza. What a huffing, puffing way to get your music.

I think Becky needs to make an infomercial for this new piece of exercise equipment. It is guaranteed to shape your legs in no time!

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  1. Next week we'll add singing to the workout! It's a challenge to sing in tune while pumping away! :)