Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 is Almost Over

Oh no! 2012 is almost over. What did I say I would do this year: make a quilt, run a 5K, be transparent with people, start a non-profit, and learn how to take photos in manual mode.

I bought the fabric for my quilt, and I washed it.
I ran a 5K in May.
I've tried to be me, to not hide anything from anyone.
I did not start a non-profit. That's going to take more thinking.
It came down to the wire today, but I learned how to take pictures in aperture priority mode on my camera.

Here are some pictures I took around Beaver Creek Village today using aperture priority. My goal was to get the subject in focus and blur the background. I have to work on the focus part.

Little girl waiting for her parents.

Teen boy talking into his iPhone.

Penguin ice sculpture.

Ram bronze sculpture.

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