Saturday, October 1, 2011

Homecoming 2011

This is the year of lasts for me. My youngest child is a senior. We had our last first day of school, our last senior yearbook portrait, and tonight our last homecoming. There will be a long string of lasts up until the last graduation. Oh, and the last college send off. Don't make me cry.

Our whole family went to the homecoming photo session at Willliam's house. Katherine and Daniel tagged along. I was glad Daniel was there with his (I mean my) nice camera. I miss that camera. The little one just doesn't cut it sometimes. Between the two of us, we shot about 100 pictures. Six of them were pretty good. That's how it goes.

Peter and Anna

The golf guys

William and Daniel with their dates

I just love it when Peter smiles

It stopped raining, but they liked the added color of the golf umbrella

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