Friday, October 14, 2011

Good Dog

Thursday night
I've heard of dogs jumping up to kitchen counters and stealing whole turkeys or steaks, devouring them before their owners knew what hit them. Riley isn't tall enough to reach the kitchen counter, but he can easily reach a coffee table.

A couple of weeks ago, Katherine fell asleep with half a banana sitting on a plate on the coffee table. Riley's favorite food in the world is bananas, with chicken a close second. So if ever he had the chance to steal his favorite food, that was it.

To our amazement, the half-banana was still on the plate. He let us know it was there by sitting by it and whining as soon as we got up, but he wouldn't take it himself.

Friday morning
So last night, Peter had three chicken nuggets left from his bedtime snack, and they were sitting on a plate on the coffee table. We all sat around discussing whether or not Riley would take those nuggets if we left them there all night. Katherine, Peter and I said he would not take them. Don was skeptical. He was sure Riley would eat them up while we were sleeping.

We decided to do an experiment. We left the nuggets there, warning Don not to eat them in the middle of the night and tell us that Riley took them. (He would do something like that.)

The three of us were right. He didn't snatch the food. He didn't forget they were there. As soon as we came downstairs, he went right to the table and started whining.

Here is our theory: Riley does not like to upset things. If his ball rolls behind an object that would tip over if he tried to get it, he won't get his ball. He knows that if he jumped up to get the plate, it would probably tip over and fall. He hates that. So he waits patiently for someone to hand over the goods.

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