Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fast Framed Art

I was looking for a picture to hang in my guest room. The color scheme is brown and green. When I couldn't find anything I liked, I decided to go to the fabric store and purchase a piece of fabric to match. Within 15 minutes, I had a piece of unique art.

Here's what you need:

Frame (mine was 11 x 17)
Piece of fabric to fit in the frame (I purchased 1/2 yard)
Glue dots
Scissors and pen


Remove the back of the frame. Use the frame insert to measure a piece of fabric just the size of the frame. Use a pen to trace on the fabric. Cut out the fabric. Iron the fabric so it is wrinkle free. Use glue dots to attach the piece of fabric to the frame insert. Put the fabric in the frame just as you would a photo. Reassemble the frame backing.

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