Friday, October 7, 2011

Dollar Store

I love the Dollar Store. It's the only store where you can be pleasantly surprised when the cashier announces your total. I stopped in this week to purchase a few things and spent $15.00. It was a pile of things that would have cost much more at Wal-Mart or Target.  I happened to be in Giant Eagle right after the Dollar Store, so I decided to compare prices there. Here's what I bought and the price difference:

Four greeting cards. Dollar Store: $2.00 (2/$1.00)  Giant Eagle: $7.96

Three gift bags. Dollar Store: $3.00   Giant Eagle: $8.97

Cleaning supplies.  Dollar Store: $7.00  Giant Eagle: $16.70

Plastic cups, salad tongs and Sharpie highlighters. Dollar Store: $3.00  Giant Eagle: $8.00

Totals: Giant Eagle - $41.63
             Dollar Store -  15.00

Savings:                       $26.63

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