Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Can Talk

I am always amazed when I can sit at a table and talk to a friend while four hours go by without my noticing. That's what happened last night when my friend, Becky Peterson, and I got together to celebrate her birthday.

We met at Bravo! Cucina Italiana. The waitress was not at all annoyed that it took us one hour to look at the menu and three hours to finish our dinner. She even overheard that it was Becky's birthday, and brought her a complimentary bowl of ice cream for dessert. She didn't know that Becky's birthday was in July, and we didn't tell her. I left a very large tip.

Becky and I can talk...probably because we have a lot in common. Our oldest daughters are getting married next year. Our youngest children are graduating from high school in May. And our middle children have been good friends since second grade. Daniel and Andrew will have been in the same schools together from Kindergarden to college graduation.

It's so nice to have good friends to chat with, cry with, laugh with and pray with. Becky is one of those good friends.

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