Saturday, September 24, 2011

Riley's First Swim

Riley fell in the pool last weekend, so I guess that was technically his first swim. However, today he went in for a real swim. I purchased a doggy life jacket to make sure he didn't sink when his thick coat got all wet. His body is really very skinny. He just looks hefty because of all his fur.

At first, Katherine eased him in and let him go. His immediate reaction was to swim to the edge of the pool and try to get out. He even made it to the steps a couple of times and climbed out by himself.

After awhile, he got used to swimming, and I think he actually began to enjoy it. Instead of going for the edge of the pool, he swam after the people in the pool.

Here he is with my nephew, Patrick.

Riley is showing off his doggy paddle.

Riley was pretty pooped after swimming for about a half hour.

That was fun!

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