Friday, September 9, 2011

Flat Tire

It was a gloomy morning. Clouds filled the sky, but it wasn't raining. Don checked his handy, dandy iPhone weather AP to make sure it wasn't going to rain. Then we decided to go for a bike ride.

Don had a flat in his tire after last Saturday's ride. He fixed problem. But when he lifted his bike onto the rack today, he noticed it was flat again. Hmmm...

Did that deter him? No way. He pumped it up and hoped it was a slow leak. Since I ride behind him, I told him I'd watch it and let him know if he was in trouble.

I suggested we take our new route on Pettibone Rd. since we would be along the road if we needed a rescue. If we went to the Towpath or Bike and Hike, we would be in a heap of trouble if we were seven miles out with a flat.

We made it almost five miles when I noticed his tire was looking kind of low. He noticed it too because he had a tough time getting up the big hill. We stopped at the top, and he pulled the portable pump off his bike. He pumped up the tire. The portable pump wasn't quite as effective as the regular pump, but it gave him some air.

We decided to turn around then and head back. It wasn't long before I noticed the tire was flat again. We stopped and pumped it up. Every quarter mile, it was flat again. What to do?

I could have left him there and rode the distance back by myself, but he didn't think I could get my bike on the rack (my bike is kind of tricky). We could have walked the whole way together (too long). I suggested he take my bike and ride to the car. He's a little taller than me, but we had the handy, dandy tool kit in my bike pouch, so he raised my seat.

I stood there for what seemed like hours, waiting for him to return. All manner of thoughts ran through my head. Did he get hit by a car? Have a heart attack? Decide to get away while he could? No. He eventually came back. He figured out what was wrong with the tire. And we lived happily every after (at least for the afternoon).

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