Saturday, September 17, 2011

Country Living Fair

Today was the day my girlfriend group (the cheerleading friends) met to spend a day in Columbus at the Country Living Fair. I set this up, and apparently my friends trust me to the fullest, because none of them knew what to expect. Cindy was disappointed that there weren't any RV's, but all were very happy to see that the port-a-potties were first class.

We were very fortunate to have a beautiful day (sunny and 70) to walk around and browse tent after tent of handmade items from vendors who brought their wares from around the country. There was something for everyone.

I fell in love with these bloomers, but my friends would not let me buy them.

Marge was wishing for a grandchild so she could decorate a nursery with these whimsical paintings.

Patty thought this jacket was just her style. Obviously she has better taste than her friend, Marianne.

Debbie just wanted to sit in the "Happy Chair" next to a happy lamp.

Cindy was about to jump into a pile of gourds, but we stopped her just in time.

After we had seen it all, we stopped by the lemonade stand for a photo op. Since I'm the oldest, I got to sit in the chair.

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