Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Child's Gift of Lullabyes

What do you do when you are a new mother, and your baby needs a little help falling asleep? You  purchase a lullabye tape. I chose this one, and I played it every night while Katherine was dozing off. The music was so soothing, I had to keep myself from dozing off with her.

As time went on, Katherine couldn't fall asleep unless the lullabye tape was playing. What does that tell you about conditioning? It wasn't a bad thing, because I credit her interest in piano to falling asleep to this tape several thousand nights of her life. We fell in love with this lullabye tape. Daniel and Peter listened to it for at least the first year of their lives.

When Daniel was in high school, he was having trouble falling asleep at night. He asked me if we still had that lullabye tape. I didn't have the cassette anymore, but I had purchased the CD (for use with my grandchildren) when I saw it at Borders one day. So Daniel copied it to his iPod and listened to it while he fell asleep. Katherine did the same thing.

My usual baby shower gift is a copy of this CD and a few children's books. It was originally created in 1989, and it won a Grammy Award that year. It is now available as an MP3 download. A lot of people must think it is good if it has lasted 22 years. I highly recommend it!

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