Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Able Fence Co.

Don's parents started a fence company when he was growing up. I think he was ten years old when they incorporated around the kitchen table. Once in his teens, Don worked on fence jobs during the summer. This is how he learned to work hard. His dad didn't even pay him minimum wage. Don claims he worked for pennies. Money's not everything. Don learned some valuable life lessons on the job.

He learned to drive a big truck, which came in handy when we took our RV trip. He learned not to swear like the older guys on the job. He learned to hold a post very steady so that when the swearing older guy dropped the sledge hammer, he didn't become an amputee, and of course, he learned how to put up guardrail and fence.

In this above photo, Don isn't really installing a fence. He is posing for an ad in the Richmond Heights yearbook. The ad is for Able Fence Co. Don is the one standing up. He's around 17 years old. He may be skinny, but just look at those biceps!

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