Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Fine Art of Book Covering

I am very experienced in the art of book covering. I covered thousands of books during my volunteer and professional days at the library.  So, when Peter comes home from the first day of school with a stack of books that need to be covered, I don't even blink and eye. Some people break out in a cold sweat at the mere mention of the book covering assignment. Not me.

The library books were covered with sticky contact paper or a clear plastic wrapping. Peter's books are covered in a very special way.

Book Covering 101:

A few weeks before school starts, ask for paper bags when grocery shopping. Paper bags are a very durable book wrap.

Cut the paper bag open, then cut it to measure two inches larger than the book when wrapped around. Fold up bottom edge about two inches. Lay the book on top, making sure the grocery store name is on the inside. Draw a line where the top of the book sits. Fold the top edge over at the line.

This is the hard part. Fold one side edge over about two inches. Tuck the book inside the folded corners. Tape the ends, making sure you don't tape the actual book, only the paper bag.

Hand over the stack of covered books to be decorated with markers. Wasn't that easy?

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  1. Great tips! I do remember, though, that my kids would choose bags from their favorite stores and fold the bag so the store name was on the outside of the bag! Bags from American Eagle were very popular. :)