Monday, August 15, 2011

The Big Yellow House

College move in day went very well. It's the first time in five years I did not cry upon departure. By the time we left for home, Daniel was all settled in and six of the eight roommates had arrived with their stuff. It was beginning to look like home.

The only bad thing about the entire day was the beeping noise we had to live with for four hours while driving to Oxford. Daniel's grandma dresser was too big to fit inside any of our cars with the back hatch closed. It fit in my car the best, so we drove it. Little did we know that the warning signal does not go off until you shut the door.

There was no turning back and no ear plugs. I resorted to stuffing Kleenex in my ears for the duration of the trip. I've decided that if I am ever tortured, I will tell them anything they want to know, just as long as they make it stop!

The House

The grandma dresser was very heavy

All moved in

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