Friday, August 26, 2011


Riley has a thing for bedskirts. He uses them as napkins after dinner and towels after getting squirted in the face with the garden hose. Lately, he has been using them to scratch his itchy back.

Remember his bite from Branson? It wasn't a simple bruise like we thought. Blood vessels in Riley's back were torn, and he developed a Seroma the size of a plum under his skin. The Seroma was a sac containing serum left over from the blood which had collected there.

After the Seroma was drained, a crusty patch about the size of a half dollar formed on Riley's back. It is like a big scab trying to heal. Scabs, when trying to heal, itch. That's one reason Riley has been kind of crazy with the bedskirts lately. The other reason is we have confirmed, after torturing him three months in a row, he is allergic to the flea medication we apply to his back.

Riley can be seen throughout the day running from bedroom to bedroom, rubbing his back along all the bedskirts. Katherine's bedskirt is white, so you can't see his hair on that one. However, the rest of the bedskirts in the house are brown or black. I don't have enough lint rollers to lift the daily mess.

This afternoon, Riley has a spa appointment at Petsmart. Furminator treatment is on the menu. Hopefully the bath will help loosen the scab and wash away the flea medication. Otherwise, the bedroom doors will remain closed for awhile.

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